Zabane Eshgh - Thapki Pyaar Ki

Vani Chaturvedi, is fondly called Thapki as she stutters while speaking. Thapki is a cheerful and intelligent girl. She never loses hope and doesn't let her stuttering become an obstacle in her life. Thapki isn't getting a marriage proposal because of her stuttering. After sometime, a marriage proposal is accepted by Diwakar Mishra, who is shorter than Thapki. He didn't know earlier that Thapki stutters, and says yes for the marriage. As soon as he comes to know the stuttering of Thapki, he denies to marry her. But in the name of marriage, his family makes her family spend a lot of money. When Thapki and Diwakar are on the mandap, Diwakar insults her and denies to marry her. Thapki is heartbroken.

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