Rangarang - Rengarenk

Color emotion, his reputation has crossed the borders of Turkey, the agenda says that each is a star that every fashion wear. But now that the world comes to him resplendent more artificial and lies. Dear suspected of cheating on him would also salt and pepper. Color, finds himself fleeing from a series set in Izmir. Moreover, the pursuit has chosen the right place to hide those. Because it is one of the few people recognize the face in Turkey: Can a simple life ... color with the aspirations of the series, the magazine introduces different congenial self-hating popular culture. So Campbell, color starts to think a poor teacher who escaped from their wedding. Meanwhile, all of Turkey is shaken by the news that the famous stars color sense is lost. Color Can home in a peaceful world and acquainted stranger, Can also begin cracking the shell as such against women. But the lies he told The color is near enough to emerge at any moment ...(translated in Google)

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