Ta Hadde Marg - To Death - Ölene Kadar

Starring Honorary Evcen , Engin Akyurek which is located Levendoğlu and steep ATV 's ambitious series 'die until' I was given to start shooting. The first introduction of the directory was met with the viewer the day before. 
The introduction of 'Death to Much', which takes the story of life changing in a single day in the frame of love, conscience and justice, prompted great curiosity in the audience.
Timothy Productions will be produced on the screen at the ATV in January 2017, and Timur Prosecutor will be producing it. Umur Turagay 's sit on the director' s seat, 'Eliz Usman' s signature is in the script. 
In addition, Gülcan Aslan, Tansu Bicer, Tulip Mansur and Ragıp Savaş are among the valuable actors in the index's staff, which will be a phenomenon with its striking story.
Akyürek; 'Dağhan', who is sentenced to life because of a crime he did not commit, and Evcen, a lawyer who ended the life of Dağhan..

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