Taraj Eshgh - Cello

Heba Bsat – In the ninth episode of Samer el Berkawi’s “Cello,” (an adaptation of the American 1993 film, “Indecent Proposal”) Yasmine (played by Nadine Nassib Njeim) agrees to spend 24 hours with Teymour (Taim Hasan) in return for a million dollars, paid in two installments. 
The first five hundred thousand dollars are given to her before the 24 hours commence. The rest are to be handed to her after she “does the deed” with Teymour.
Yasmine and her husband, Adam (Youssef el Khal), are in, in the simplest terms, a financial crisis. They took a loan from the bank for five hundred thousand dollars, so they can turn their lifelong dream into a reality. As musicians (he plays on the piano and she plays on the cello – hence the show’s name), they wanted to build a Music Hall kind of platform. 
However, one night, after they’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the project, the whole thing gets burned down. It turns out that the fire was caused by Yasmine – accidentally – as she’s left her coffee being heated to ignite what ruined her and her husband’s life. More Details 

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