Jodaei Napazir

Rohan (Raqesh Vashisth) and Muskaan (Aamna Sharif) are a young couple who have been married for five years.
They love each other deeply but continuously bicker and fight. However Muskaan's mother, Tara (Deepshikha) does not like Muskaan's marriage with Rohan as they fight a lot while Rohan's family loves Muskaan a lot. One day, the two of them meet with a tragic car accident.
Rohan and Muskaan lose their memory and forget their past as well as each other. Dr. Anirudh (Aamir Ali), a good friend and doctor of Muskan, asks them to stay separate for their well being. Thus they start life afresh with their families, separated from each other. A year passes, and life gives Rohan and Muskaan another chance. Rohan has a good friend, Anushka (Pavitra Punia), who is his paying guest but Rohan ultimately falls for Muskaan unknowing his past.
While Anushka falls for Rohan, circumstances lead Muskaan to marry Anirudh as Tara wanted because she was aware of Anirudh's love towards Muskaan. But...More Details

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