Zendegi Ba Eshgh Zibast - Hayat Sevince Guzel

Their scams because hurriedly fleeing nomadic family from Istanbul, trying to move away from troublesome as they leave behind, find themselves in the Aegean. The village combative beautiful elegant sheep because they have an accident. Gracious, the wick of a love triangle between the War and Peace at the moment would be fired. Şinasi help the injured in the accident that elegant, which is a plant that grows only in their own villages and also ointments that their name from the grass Şıpıldak treat him. This ointment is the miraculous effect of migration on families who, after the fall of the formula ... accidental encounter in the life of this trio will no longer be the same thing. Starting the game of love with a claim, over time, it will become the truth. Every kind of miracle salve the wound Şıpıldak grass, will be painful cure to let LOVE? (translated in Google)

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