Kara Ekmek - Nane Siah - Black Bread

Genre: Drama, Romance
Cast: Özlem Yılmaz, Ushan Çakır, Altan Erkekli, Elifcan Ongurlar, Engin Hepileri
Broadcast Network/Tv Channel: ATV

Kara Ekmek (Black Bread) is the most interesting tv series in 2015. It has a very original and exciting story.
Özlem Yılmaz is playing Asiye, who lives in a suburb and gets pregnant from his boyfriend who refuses the baby, then Asiye stabs the father of her baby with sudden anger and had to leave the hood. Asiye and her sister Mine (Elifcan Ongurlar) decides to leave the hood and settle to a new life. They hitchhike and the ride changes their whole life. They witness a murder of a girl and Asiye had to switch her ID with the dead girl and live as her. Asiye acts as the fiance of a rich guy and her sister Mine works as the maid of the guy’s house.
Özlem Yılmaz’s performance is stunning and the adventure and thrill of the scenario makes the series very popular.

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